Free Back Boiler Replacement

Replace your old back boiler with a new combi boiler
with the help of a Free boiler scheme 2023

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    Back Boiler Replacement

    Free Back Boiler Replacement

    If you have an old back boiler causing problems such as no heating or hot water, leaks, kettling, low pressure, or no heat in a radiator, or if it can no longer be repaired, we can offer a solution. Homeowners and tenants in the UK who meet the eligibility criteria can benefit from Govt. Funded Boilers grants

    Benefits of the Back Boiler Replacement

    Better heating performance
    Improved energy efficiency
    Increased safety
    Enhanced functionality
    Reduced maintenance costs
    Increased property value

    Boiler Upgrade Grant for Free

    Pensioners you can say goodbye to your inefficient back boiler and say hello to a new A-rated combination boiler with fully replaced radiators with a Boiler grant for pensioners, all for free. After your grant application is approved, our fully qualified and insured Gas Safe registered engineers can improve your home's energy efficiency.

    Service Areas

    Proudly serving across the UK, Eco 4 Energy Grants extends its commitment to energy conservation and sustainability to homes and businesses nationwide.

    Nationwide Scheme

    Switching to a central heating system offers benefits beyond reduced energy consumption. Compared to electric heaters, a central heating system facilitates consistent temperature maintenance throughout your home. Additionally, a modern central heating system can enhance your home’s value and improve its marketability. Most central heating systems are compatible with smart thermostats, enabling you to regulate your home’s temperature remotely..